Judges 12

* Ephraimites quarrel with Jephthah. (1-7) Ibzan, Elon, and

Abdon judge Israel. (8-15)

1-7 The Ephraimites had the same quarrel with Jephthah as with

Gideon. Pride was at the bottom of the quarrel; only by that

comes contention. It is ill to fasten names of reproach upon

persons or countries, as is common, especially upon those under

outward disadvantages. It often occasions quarrels that prove of

ill consequence, as it did here. No contentions are so bitter as

those between brethren or rivals for honour. What need we have

to watch and pray against evil tempers! May the Lord incline all

his people to follow after things which make for peace!
8-15 We have here a short account of three more of the judges

of Israel. The happiest life of individuals, and the happiest

state of society, is that which affords the fewest remarkable

events. To live in credit and quiet, to be peacefully useful to

those around us, to possess a clear conscience; but, above all,

and without which nothing can avail, to enjoy communion with God

our Saviour while we live, and to die at peace with God and man,

form the substance of all that a wise man can desire.

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