Judges 15

* Samson is denied his wife, He smites the Philistines. (1-8)

Samson kills a thousand of the Philistines with a jaw-bone.

(9-17) His distress from thirst. (18-20)

1-8 When there are differences between relations, let those be

reckoned the wisest and best, who are most forward to forgive or

forget, and most willing to stoop and yield for the sake of

peace. In the means which Samson employed, we must look at the

power of God supplying them, and making them successful, to

mortify the pride and punish the wickedness of the Philistines.

The Philistines threatened Samson's wife that they would burn

her and her father's house. She, to save herself and oblige her

countrymen, betrayed her husband; and the very thing that she

feared, and by sin sought to avoid, came upon her! She, and her

father's house, were burnt with fire, and by her countrymen,

whom she thought to oblige by the wrong she did to her husband.

The mischief we seek to escape by any unlawful practices, we

often pull down upon our own heads.
9-17 Sin dispirits men, it hides from their eyes the things

that belong to their peace. The Israelites blamed Samson for

what he had done against the Philistines, as if he had done them

a great injury. Thus our Lord Jesus did many good works, and for

those the Jews were ready to stone him. When the Spirit of the

Lord came upon Samson, his cords were loosed: where the Spirit

of the Lord is, there is liberty, and those are free indeed who

are thus set free. Thus Christ triumphed over the powers of

darkness that shouted against him, as if they had him in their

power. Samson made great destruction among the Philistines. To

take the bone of an ass for this, was to do wonders by the

foolish things of the world, that the excellency of the power

might be of God, not of man. This victory was not in the weapon,

was not in the arm; but it was in the Spirit of God, which moved

the weapon by the arm. We can do all things through Him that

strengtheneth us. Seest thou a poor Christian, who is enabled to

overcome a temptation by weak, feeble counsel, there is the

Philistine vanquished by a sorry jaw-bone.
18-20 So little notice did the men of Judah take of their

deliverer, that he was ready to perish for want of a draught of

water. Thus are the greatest slights often put upon those who do

the greatest services. Samson prayed to God in this distress.

Those that forget to attend God their praises, may be compelled

to attend him with their prayers. Past experiences of God's

power and goodness, are excellent pleas in prayer for further

mercy. He pleads his being exposed to God's enemies; our best

pleas are taken from God's glory. The Lord sent him seasonable

relief. The place of this action was, from the jaw-bone, called

Lehi. And in the place thus called, God caused a fountain

suddenly and seasonably to open, close by Samson. We should be

more thankful for the mercy of water, did we consider how ill we

can spare it. Israel submitted to him whom they had betrayed.

God was with him; henceforward they were directed by him as

their judge.

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