Luke 5

* The miraculous draught of fishes, Peter, James, and John

called. (1-11) A leper cleansed. (12-16) A paralytic cured.

(17-26) Levi called, Christ's answer to the Pharisees. (27-39)

1-11 When Christ had done preaching, he told Peter to apply to

the business of his calling. Time spent on week days in public

exercises of religion, need be but little hinderance in time,

and may be great furtherance to us in temper of mind, as to our

worldly business. With what cheerfulness may we go about the

duties of our calling, when we have been with God, and thus have

our worldly employments sanctified to us by the word and prayer!

Though they had taken nothing, yet Christ told them to let down

their nets again. We must not abruptly quit our callings because

we have not the success in them we desire. We are likely to

speed well, when we follow the guidance of Christ's word. The

draught of fishes was by a miracle. We must all, like Peter, own

ourselves to be sinful men, therefore Jesus Christ might justly

depart from us. But we must beseech him that he would not

depart; for woe unto us if the Saviour depart from sinners!

Rather let us entreat him to come and dwell in our hearts by

faith, that he may transform and cleanse them. These fishermen

forsook all, and followed Jesus, when their calling prospered.

When riches increase, and we are tempted to set our hearts upon

them, then to quit them for Christ is thankworthy.
12-16 This man is said to be full of leprosy; he had that

distemper in a high degree, which represents our natural

pollution by sin; we are full of that leprosy; from the crown of

the head to the sole of the foot there is no soundness in us.

Strong confidence and deep humility are united in the words of

this leper. And if any sinner, from a deep sense of vileness,

says, I know the Lord can cleanse, but will he look upon such a

one as me? will he apply his own precious blood for my cleansing

and healing? Yes, he will. Speak not as doubting, but as humbly

referring the matter to Christ. And being saved from the guilt

and power of our sins, let us spread abroad Christ's fame, and

bring others to hear him and to be healed.
17-26 How many are there in our assemblies, where the gospel is

preached, who do not sit under the word, but sit by! It is to

them as a tale that is told them, not as a message that is sent

to them. Observe the duties taught and recommended to us by the

history of the paralytic. In applying to Christ, we must be very

pressing and urgent; that is an evidence of faith, and is very

pleasing to Christ, and prevailing with him. Give us, Lord, the

same kind of faith with respect to thy ability and willingness

to heal our souls. Give us to desire the pardon of sin more than

any earthly blessing, or life itself. Enable us to believe thy

power to forgive sins; then will our souls cheerfully arise and

go where thou pleasest.
27-39 It was a wonder of Christ's grace, that he would call a

publican to be his disciple and follower. It was a wonder of his

grace, that the call was made so effectual. It was a wonder of

his grace, that he came to call sinners to repentance, and to

assure them of pardon. It was a wonder of his grace, that he so

patiently bore the contradiction of sinners against himself and

his disciples. It was a wonder of his grace, that he fixed the

services of his disciples according to their strength and

standing. The Lord trains up his people gradually for the trials

allotted them; we should copy his example in dealing with the

weak in faith, or the tempted believer.
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