Luke 6

* The disciples pluck corn on the sabbath. (1-5) Works of mercy

suitable to the sabbath day. (6-11) The apostles chosen. (12-19)

Blessings and woes declared. (20-26) Christ exhorts to mercy.

(27-36) And to justice and sincerity. (37-49)

1-5 Christ justifies his disciples in a work of necessity for

themselves on the sabbath day, and that was plucking the ears of

corn when they were hungry. But we must take heed that we

mistake not this liberty for leave to commit sin. Christ will

have us to know and remember that it is his day, therefore to be

spent in his service, and to his honour.
6-11 Christ was neither ashamed nor afraid to own the purposes

of his grace. He healed the poor man, though he knew that his

enemies would take advantage against him for it. Let us not be

drawn either from our duty or from our usefulness by any

opposition. We may well be amazed, that the sons of men should

be so wicked.
12-19 We often think one half hour a great deal to spend in

meditation and secret prayer, but Christ was whole nights

engaged in these duties. In serving God, our great care should

be not to lose time, but to make the end of one good duty the

beginning of another. The twelve apostles are here named; never

were men so privileged, yet one of them had a devil, and proved

a traitor. Those who have not faithful preaching near them, had

better travel far than be without it. It is indeed worth while

to go a great way to hear the word of Christ, and to go out of

the way of other business for it. They came to be cured by him,

and he healed them. There is a fulness of grace in Christ, and

healing virtue in him, ready to go out from him, that is enough

for all, enough for each. Men regard the diseases of the body as

greater evils than those of their souls; but the Scripture

teaches us differently.
20-26 Here begins a discourse of Christ, most of which is also

found in #Mt 5; 7|. But some think that this was preached at

another time and place. All believers that take the precepts of

the gospel to themselves, and live by them, may take the

promises of the gospel to themselves, and live upon them. Woes

are denounced against prosperous sinners as miserable people,

though the world envies them. Those are blessed indeed whom

Christ blesses, but those must be dreadfully miserable who fall

under his woe and curse! What a vast advantage will the saint

have over the sinner in the other world! and what a wide

difference will there be in their rewards, how much soever the

sinner may prosper, and the saint be afflicted here!
27-36 These are hard lessons to flesh and blood. But if we are

thoroughly grounded in the faith of Christ's love, this will

make his commands easy to us. Every one that comes to him for

washing in his blood, and knows the greatness of the mercy and

the love there is in him, can say, in truth and sincerity, Lord,

what wilt thou have me to do? Let us then aim to be merciful,

even according to the mercy of our heavenly Father to us.
37-49 All these sayings Christ often used; it was easy to apply

them. We ought to be very careful when we blame others; for we

need allowance ourselves. If we are of a giving and a forgiving

spirit, we shall ourselves reap the benefit. Though full and

exact returns are made in another world, not in this world, yet

Providence does what should encourage us in doing good. Those

who follow the multitude to do evil, follow in the broad way

that leads to destruction. The tree is known by its fruits; may

the word of Christ be so grafted in our hearts, that we may be

fruitful in every good word and work. And what the mouth

commonly speaks, generally agrees with what is most in the

heart. Those only make sure work for their souls and eternity,

and take the course that will profit in a trying time, who

think, speak, and act according to the words of Christ. Those

who take pains in religion, found their hope upon Christ, who is

the Rock of Ages, and other foundation can no man lay. In death

and judgment they are safe, being kept by the power of Christ

through faith unto salvation, and they shall never perish.
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