Micah 1

** Micah was raised up to support Isaiah, and to confirm his

predictions, while he invited to repentance, both by threatened

judgments and promised mercies. A very remarkable passage, #Mic

5| contains a summary of prophecies concerning the Messiah.

* The wrath of God against Israel. (1-7) Also against Jerusalem

and other cities, Their precautions vain. (8-16)

1-7 The earth is called upon, with all that are therein, to

hear the prophet. God's holy temple will not protect false

professors. Neither men of high degree, as the mountains, nor

men of low degree, as the valleys, can secure themselves or the

land from the judgments of God. If sin be found in God's people

he will not spare them; and their sins are most provoking to

him, for they are most reproaching. When we feel the smart of

sin, it behoves us to seek what is the sin we smart for. Persons

and places most exalted, are most exposed to spiritual diseases.

The vices of leaders and rulers shall be surely and sorely

punished. The punishment answers the sin. What they gave to

idols, never shall prosper, nor do them any good. What is got by

one lust, is wasted on another.
8-16 The prophet laments that Israel's case is desperate; but

declare it not in Gath. Gratify not those that make merry with

the sins or with the sorrows of God's Israel. Roll thyself in

the dust, as mourners used to do; let every house in Jerusalem

become a house of Aphrah, "a house of dust." When God makes the

house dust it becomes us to humble ourselves to the dust under

his mighty hand. Many places should share this mourning. The

names have meanings which pointed out the miseries coming upon

them; thereby to awaken the people to a holy fear of Divine

wrath. All refuges but Christ, must be refuges of lies to those

who trust in them; other heirs will succeed to every inheritance

but that of heaven; and all glory will be turned into shame,

except that honour which cometh from God only. Sinners may now

disregard their neighbours' sufferings, yet their turn to be

punished will some come.

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