Micah 2

* The sins and desolations of Israel. (1-5) Their evil

practices. (6-11) A promise of restoration. (12,13)

1-5 Woe to the people that devise evil during the night, and

rise early to carry it into execution! It is bad to do mischief

on a sudden thought, much worse to do it with design and

forethought. It is of great moment to improve and employ hours

of retirement and solitude in a proper manner. If covetousness

reigns in the heart, compassion is banished; and when the heart

is thus engaged, violence and fraud commonly occupy the hands.

The most haughty and secure in prosperity, are commonly most

ready to despair in adversity. Woe to those from whom God turns

away! Those are the sorest calamities which cut us off from the

congregation of the Lord, or cut us short in the enjoyment of

its privileges.
6-11 Since they say, "Prophesy not," God will take them at

their word, and their sin shall be their punishment. Let the

physician no longer attend the patient that will not be healed.

Those are enemies, not only to God, but to their country, who

silence good ministers, and stop the means of grace. What bonds

will hold those who have no reverence for God's word? Sinners

cannot expect to rest in a land they have polluted. You shall

not only be obliged to depart out of this land, but it shall

destroy you. Apply this to our state in this present world.

There is corruption in the world through lust, and we should

keep at a distance from it. It is not our rest: it was designed

for our passage, but not for our portion; our inn, but not our

home; here we have no continuing city; let us therefore arise

and depart, let us seek a continuing city above. Since they will

be deceived, let them be deceived. Teachers who recommend

self-indulgence by their doctrine and example, best suit such

12,13 These verses may refer to the captivity of Israel and

Judah. But the passage is also a prophecy of the conversion of

the Jews to Christ. The Lord would not only bring them from

captivity, and multiply them, but the Lord Jesus would open

their way to God, by taking upon him the nature of man, and by

the work of his Spirit in their hearts, breaking the fetters of

Satan. Thus he has gone before, and the people follow, breaking,

in his strength, through the enemies that would stop their way

to heaven.

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