Micah 5

* The birth of Christ and conversion of the Gentiles. (1-6) The

triumphs of Israel. (7-15)

1-6 Having showed how low the house of David would be brought,

a prediction of the Messiah and his kingdom is added to

encourage the faith of God's people. His existence from eternity

as God, and his office as Mediator, are noticed. Here is

foretold that Bethlehem should be his birthplace. Hence it was

universally known among the Jews, #Mt 2:5|. Christ's government

shall be very happy for his subjects; they shall be safe and

easy. Under the shadow of protection from the Assyrians, is a

promise of protection to the gospel church and all believers,

from the designs and attempts of the powers of darkness. Christ

is our Peace as a Priest, making atonement for sin, and

reconciling us to God; and he is our Peace as a King, conquering

our enemies: hence our souls may dwell at ease in him. Christ

will find instruments to protect and deliver. Those that

threaten ruin to the church of God, soon bring ruin on

themselves. This may include the past powerful effects of the

preached gospel, its future spread, and the ruin of all

antichristian powers. This is, perhaps, the most important

single prophecy in the Old Testament: it respects the personal

character of the Messiah, and the discoveries of himself to the

world. It distinguishes his human birth from his existing from

eternity; it foretells the rejection of the Israelites and Jews

for a season, their final restoration, and the universal peace

to prevail through the whole earth in the latter days. In the

mean time let us trust our Shepherd's care and power. If he

permits the assault of our enemies, he will supply helpers and

assistance for us.
7-15 The remnant of Israel, converted to Christ in the

primitive times, were among many nations as the drops of dew,

and were made instruments in calling a large increase of

spiritual worshippers. But to those who neglected or opposed

this salvation, they would, as lions, cause terror, their

doctrine condemning them. The Lord also declares that he would

cause not only the reformation of the Jews, but the purification

of the Christian church. In like manner shall we be assured of

victory in our personal conflicts, as we simply depend upon the

Lord our salvation, worship him, and serve him with diligence.

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