Nahum 3

* The sins and judgments of Nineveh. (1-7) Its utter

destruction. (8-19)

1-7 When proud sinners are brought down, others should learn

not to lift themselves up. The fall of this great city should be

a lesson to private persons, who increase wealth by fraud and

oppression. They are preparing enemies for themselves; and if

the Lord sees good to punish them in this world, they will have

none to pity them. Every man who seeks his own prosperity,

safety, and peace, should not only act in an upright, honourable

manner, but with kindness to all.
8-19 Strong-holds, even the strongest, are no defence against

the judgments of God. They shall be unable to do any thing for

themselves. The Chaldeans and Medes would devour the land like

canker-worms. The Assyrians also would be eaten up by their own

numerous hired troops, which seem to be meant by the word

rendered "merchants." Those that have done evil to their

neighbours, will find it come home to them. Nineveh, and many

other cities, states, and empires, have been ruined, and should

be a warning to us. Are we better, except as there are some true

Christians amongst us, who are a greater security, and a

stronger defence, than all the advantages of situation or

strength? When the Lord shows himself against a people, every

thing they trust in must fail, or prove a disadvantage; but he

continues good to Israel. He is a strong-hold for every believer

in time of trouble, that cannot be stormed or taken; and he

knoweth those that trust in Him.

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