Nehemiah 7

* The city committed to Hananiah. (1-4) Register of those that

first returned. (5-73)

1-4 Nehemiah, having finished the wall, returned to the Persian

court, and came to Jerusalem again with a new commission. The

public safety depends on every one's care to guard himself and

his family against sin.
5-73 Nehemiah knew that the safety of a city, under God,

depends more upon the inhabitants than upon its walls. Every

good gift and every good work are from above. God gives

knowledge, he gives grace; all is of him, and therefore all must

be to him. What is done by human prudence, must be ascribed to

the direction of Divine Providence. But woe to those who turn

back from the Lord, loving this present world! and happy those

who dedicate themselves, and their substance, to his service and

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