Proverbs 10

* Through the whole of the Proverbs, we are to look for somewhat

beyond the first sense the passage may imply, and this we shall

find to be Christ. He is the Wisdom so often spoken of in this


1 The comfort of parents much depends on their children; and

this suggests to both, motives to their duties. #2,3|. Though

the righteous may be poor, the Lord will not suffer him to want

what is needful for spiritual life. #4|. Those who are fervent

in spirit, serving the Lord, are likely to be rich in faith, and

rich in good works. #5|. Here is just blame of those who trifle

away opportunities, both for here and for hereafter. #6|.

Abundance of blessings shall abide on good men; real blessings.

#7|. Both the just and the wicked must die; but between their

souls there is a vast difference. #8|. The wise in heart puts

his knowledge in practice. #9|. Dissemblers, after all their

shuffling, will be exposed. #10|. Trick and artifice will be no

excuse for iniquity. #11|. The good man's mouth is always open

to teach, comfort, and correct others. #12|. Where there is

hatred, every thing stirs up strife. By bearing with each other,

peace and harmony are preserved. #13|. Those that foolishly go

on in wicked ways, prepare rods for themselves. #14|. Whatever

knowledge may be useful, we must lay it up, that it may not be

to seek when we want it. The wise gain this wisdom by reading,

by hearing the word, by meditation, by prayer, by faith in

Christ, who is made of God unto us wisdom. #15|. This refers to

the common mistakes both of rich and poor, as to their outward

condition. Rich people's wealth exposes them to many dangers;

while a poor man may live comfortably, if he is content, keeps a

good conscience, and lives by faith. #16|. Perhaps a righteous

man has no more than what he works hard for, but that labour

tends to life. #17|. The traveller that has missed his way, and

cannot bear to be told of it, and to be shown the right way,

must err still. #18|. He is especially a fool who thinks to hide

anything from God; and malice is no better. #19|. Those that

speak much, speak much amiss. He that checks himself is a wise

man, and therein consults his own peace. #20,21|. The tongue of

the just is sincere, freed from the dross of guile and evil

design. Pious discourse is spiritual food to the needy. Fools

die for want of a heart, so the word is; for want of thought.

#22|. That wealth which is truly desirable, has no vexation of

spirit in the enjoyment; no grief for the loss; no guilt by the

abuse of it. What comes from the love of God, has the grace of

God for its companion. #23|. Only foolish and wicked men divert

themselves with doing harm to others, or tempting to sin. #24|.

The largest desire of eternal blessings the righteous can form,

will be granted. #25|. The course of prosperous sinners is like

a whirlwind, which soon spends itself, and is gone. #26|. As

vinegar sets the teeth on edge, and as the smoke causes the eyes

to smart, so the sluggard vexes his employer. #27,28|. What man

is he that loves life? Let him fear God, and that will secure to

him life enough in this world, and eternal life in the other.

#29|. The believer grows stronger in faith, and obeys with

increased delight. #30|. The wicked would be glad to have this

earth their home for ever, but it cannot be so. They must die

and leave all their idols behind. #31,32|. A good man discourses

wisely for the benefit of others. But it is the sin, and will be

the ruin of a wicked man, that he speaks what is displeasing to

God, and provoking to those he converses with. The righteous is

kept by the power of God; and nothing shall be able to separate

him from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.

$-$-$- PR:11

#1 However men may make light of giving short weight or measure,

and however common such crimes may be, they are an abomination

to the Lord. #2|. Considering how safe, and quiet, and easy the

humble are, we see that with the lowly is wisdom. #3|. An honest

man's principles are fixed, therefore his way is plain. #4|.

Riches will stand men in no stead in the day of death. #5,6|.

The ways of wickedness are dangerous. And sin will be its own

punishment. #7|. When a godly man dies, all his fears vanish;

but when a wicked man dies, his hopes vanish. #8|. The righteous

are often wonderfully kept from going into dangerous situations,

and the ungodly go in their stead. #9|. Hypocrites delude men

into error and sin by artful objections against the truths of

God's word. #10,11|. Nations prosper when wicked men are cast

down. #12|. A man of understanding does not judge of others by

their success. #13|. A faithful man will not disclose what he is

trusted with, unless the honour of God and the real good of

society require it. #14|. We shall often find it to our

advantage to advise with others. #15|. The welfare of our

families, our own peace, and our ability to pay just debts, must

not be brought into danger. But here especially let us consider

the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in becoming Surety even for

enemies. #16|. A pious and discreet woman will keep esteem and

respect, as strong men keep possession of wealth. #17|. A cruel,

froward, ill-natured man, is vexatious to those that are, and

should be to him as his own flesh, and punishes himself. #18|.

He that makes it his business to do good, shall have a reward,

as sure to him as eternal truth can make it. #19|. True holiness

is true happiness. The more violent a man is in sinful pursuits,

the more he hastens his own destruction. #20|. Nothing is more

hateful to God, than hypocrisy and double dealing, which are

here signified. God delights in such as aim and act with

uprightness. #21|. Joining together in sin shall not protect the

sinners. #22|. Beauty is abused by those who have not discretion

or modesty with it. This is true of all bodily endowments. #23|.

The wicked desire mischief to others, but it shall return upon

themselves. #24|. A man may grow poor by not paying just debts,

not relieving the poor, not allowing needful expenses. Let men

be ever so saving of what they have, if God appoints, it comes

to nothing. #25|. Both in temporal and spiritual things, God

commonly deals with his people according to the measure by which

they deal with their brethren. #26|. We must not hoard up the

gifts of God's bounty, merely for our own advantage. #27|.

Seeking mischief is here set against seeking good; for those

that are not doing good are doing hurt, even to themselves.

#28|. The true believer is a branch of the living Vine. When

those that take root in the world wither, those who are grafted

into Christ shall be fruitful. #29|. He that brings trouble upon

himself and his family, by carelessness, or by wickedness, shall

be unable to keep and enjoy what he gets, as a man is unable to

hold the wind, or to satisfy himself with it. #30|. The

righteous are as trees of life; and their influence upon earth,

like the fruits of that tree, support and nourish the spiritual

life in many. #31|. Even the righteous, when they offend on

earth, shall meet with sharp corrections; much more will the

wicked meet the due reward of their sins. Let us then seek those

blessings which our Surety purchased by his sufferings and

death; let us seek to copy his example, and to keep his


$-$-$- PR:12

#1 Those who have grace, will delight in the instructions given

them. Those that stifle their convictions, are like brutes. #2|.

The man who covers selfish and vicious designs under a

profession of religion or friendship, will be condemned. #3|.

Though men may advance themselves by sinful arts, they cannot

settle and secure themselves. But those who by faith are rooted

in Christ, are firmly fixed. #4|. A wife who is pious, prudent,

and looks well to the ways of her household, who makes

conscience of her duty, and can bear crosses; such a one
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