Psalms 10

* The psalmist complains of the wickedness of the wicked. (1-11)

He prays to God to appear for the relief of his people. (12-18)1-11 God's withdrawings are very grievous to his people,

especially in times of trouble. We stand afar off from God by

our unbelief, and then complain that God stands afar off from

us. Passionate words against bad men do more hurt than good; if

we speak of their badness, let it be to the Lord in prayer; he

can make them better. The sinner proudly glories in his power

and success. Wicked people will not seek after God, that is,

will not call upon him. They live without prayer, and that is

living without God. They have many thoughts, many objects and

devices, but think not of the Lord in any of them; they have no

submission to his will, nor aim for his glory. The cause of this

is pride. Men think it below them to be religious. They could

not break all the laws of justice and goodness toward man, if

they had not first shaken off all sense of religion.
12-18 The psalmist speaks with astonishment, at the wickedness

of the wicked, and at the patience and forbearance of God. God

prepares the heart for prayer, by kindling holy desires, and

strengthening our most holy faith, fixing the thoughts, and

raising the affections, and then he graciously accepts the

prayer. The preparation of the heart is from the Lord, and we

must seek unto him for it. Let the poor, afflicted, persecuted,

or tempted believer recollect, that Satan is the prince of this

world, and that he is the father of all the ungodly. The

children of God cannot expect kindness, truth, or justice from

such persons as crucified the Lord of glory. But this once

suffering Jesus, now reigns as King over all the earth, and of

his dominion there shall be no end. Let us commit ourselves unto

him, humbly trusting in his mercy. He will rescue the believer

from every temptation, and break the arm of every wicked

oppressor, and bruise Satan under our feet shortly. But in

heaven alone will all sin and temptation be shut out, though in

this life the believer has a foretaste of deliverance
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