Psalms 126

* Those returned out of captivity are to be thankful. (1-3)

Those yet in captivity are encouraged. (4-6)1-3 It is good to observe how God's deliverances of the church

are for us, that we may rejoice in them. And how ought

redemption from the wrath to come, from the power of sin and of

Satan, to be valued! The sinner convinced of his guilt and

danger, when by looking to a crucified Saviour he receives peace

to his conscience, and power to break off his sins, often can

scarcely believe that the prospect which opens to him is a

4-6 The beginnings of mercies encourage us to pray for the

completion of them. And while we are in this world there will be

matter for prayer, even when we are most furnished with matter

for praise. Suffering saints are often in tears; they share the

calamities of human life, and commonly have a greater share than

others. But they sow in tears; they do the duty of an afflicted

state. Weeping must not hinder sowing; we must get good from

times of affliction. And they that sow, in the tears of godly

sorrow, to the Spirit, shall of the Spirit reap life

everlasting; and that will be a joyful harvest indeed. Blessed

are those that mourn, for they shall be for ever comforted. When

we mourn for our sins, or suffer for Christ's sake, we are

sowing in tears, to reap in joy. And remember that God is not

mocked; for whatever a man soweth that shall he reap, #Ga

6:7-9|. Here, O disciple of Jesus, behold an emblem of thy

present labour and future reward; the day is coming when thou

shalt reap in joy, plentiful shall be thy harvest, and great

shall be thy joy in the Lord
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