Psalms 135

* God to be praised for his mercy. (1-4) For his power and

judgments. (5-14) The vanity of idols. (15-21)1-4 The subject-matter of praise, is the blessings of grace

flowing from the everlasting love of God. The name of God as a

covenant God and Father in Christ, blessing us with all

spiritual blessings in him, is to be loved and praised. The Lord

chose a people to himself, that they might be unto him for a

name and a praise. If they do not praise him for this

distinguishing favour, they are the most unworthy and ungrateful

of all people.
5-14 God is, and will be always, the same to his church, a

gracious, faithful, wonder-working God. And his church is, and

will be, the same to him, a thankful, praising people: thus his

name endures for ever. He will return in ways of mercy to them,

and will delight to do them good.
15-21 These verses arm believers against idolatry and all false

worship, by showing what sort of gods the heathen worshipped.

And the more deplorable the condition of the Gentile nations

that worship idols, the more are we to be thankful that we know

better. Let us pity, and pray for, and seek to benefit benighted

heathens and deluded sinners. Let us endeavour to glorify his

name, and recommend his truth, not only with our lips, but by

holy lives, copying the example of Christ's goodness and truth
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