Psalms 137

* The Jews bewail their captivity. (1-4) Their affection for

Jerusalem. (5-9)1-4 Their enemies had carried the Jews captive from their own

land. To complete their woes, they insulted over them; they

required of them mirth and a song. This was very barbarous; also

profane, for no songs would serve but the songs of Zion.

Scoffers are not to be compiled with. They do not say, How shall

we sing, when we are so much in sorrow? but, It is the Lord's

song, therefore we dare not sing it among idolaters.
5-9 What we love, we love to think of. Those that rejoice in

God, for his sake make Jerusalem their joy. They stedfastly

resolved to keep up this affection. When suffering, we should

recollect with godly sorrow our forfeited mercies, and our sins

by which we lost them. If temporal advantages ever render a

profession, the worst calamity has befallen him. Far be it from

us to avenge ourselves; we will leave it to Him who has said,

Vengeance is mine. Those that are glad at calamities, especially

at the calamities of Jerusalem, shall not go unpunished. We

cannot pray for promised success to the church of God without

looking to, though we do not utter a prayer for, the ruin of her

enemies. But let us call to mind to whose grace and finished

salvation alone it is, that we have any hopes of being brought

home to the heavenly Jerusalem
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