Psalms 144

* David acknowledges the great goodness of God, and prays for

help. (1-8) He prays for the prosperity of his kingdom. (9-15)1-8 When men become eminent for things as to which they have

had few advantages, they should be more deeply sensible that God

has been their Teacher. Happy those to whom the Lord gives that

noblest victory, conquest and dominion over their own spirits. A

prayer for further mercy is fitly begun with a thanksgiving for

former mercy. There was a special power of God, inclining the

people of Israel to be subject to David; it was typical of the

bringing souls into subjection to the Lord Jesus. Man's days

have little substance, considering how many thoughts and cares

of a never-dying soul are employed about a poor dying body.

Man's life is as a shadow that passes away. In their highest

earthly exaltation, believers will recollect how mean, sinful,

and vile they are in themselves; thus they will be preserved

from self-importance and presumption. God's time to help his

people is, when they are sinking, and all other helps fail.
9-15 Fresh favours call for fresh returns of thanks; we must

praise God for the mercies we hope for by his promise, as well

as those we have received by his providence. To be saved from

the hurtful sword, or from wasting sickness, without deliverance

from the dominion of sin and the wrath to come, is but a small

advantage. The public prosperity David desired for his people,

is stated. It adds much to the comfort and happiness of parents

in this world, to see their children likely to do well. To see

them as plants, not as weeds, not as thorns; to see them as

plants growing, not withered and blasted; to see them likely to

bring forth fruit unto God in their day; to see them in their

youth growing strong in the Spirit. Plenty is to be desired,

that we may be thankful to God, generous to our friends, and

charitable to the poor; otherwise, what profit is it to have our

garners full? Also, uninterrupted peace. War brings abundance of

mischiefs, whether it be to attack others or to defend

ourselves. And in proportion as we do not adhere to the worship

and service of God, we cease to be a happy people. The subjects

of the Saviour, the Son of David, share the blessings of his

authority and victories, and are happy because they have the

Lord for their God
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