Psalms 24

* Concerning the kingdom of Christ, and the subjects of that

kingdom. (1-6) Concerning the King of that kingdom. (7-10)1-6 We ourselves are not our own; our bodies, our souls, are

not. Even those of the children of men are God's, who know him

not, nor own their relation to him. A soul that knows and

considers its own nature, and that it must live for ever, when

it has viewed the earth and the fulness thereof, will sit down

unsatisfied. It will think of ascending toward God, and will

ask, What shall I do, that I may abide in that happy, holy

place, where he makes his people holy and happy? We make nothing

of religion, if we do not make heart-work of it. We can only be

cleansed from our sins, and renewed unto holiness, by the blood

of Christ and the washing of the Holy Ghost. Thus we become his

people; thus we receive blessing from the Lord, and

righteousness from the God of our salvation. God's peculiar

people shall be made truly and for ever happy. Where God gives

righteousness, he designs salvation. Those that are made meet

for heaven, shall be brought safe to heaven, and will find what

they have been seeking.
7-10 The splendid entry here described, refers to the solemn

bringing in of the ark into the tent David pitched for it, or

the temple Solomon built for it. We may also apply it to the

ascension of Christ into heaven, and the welcome given to him

there. Our Redeemer found the gates of heaven shut, but having

by his blood made atonement for sin, as one having authority, he

demanded entrance. The angels were to worship him, #Heb 1:6|:

they ask with wonder, Who is he? It is answered, that he is

strong and mighty; mighty in battle to save his people, and to

subdue his and their enemies. We may apply it to Christ's

entrance into the souls of men by his word and Spirit, that they

may be his temples. Behold, he stands at the door, and knocks,

#Rev 3:20|. The gates and doors of the heart are to be opened to

him, as possession is delivered to the rightful owner. We may

apply it to his second coming with glorious power. Lord, open

the everlasting door of our souls by thy grace, that we may now

receive thee, and be wholly thine; and that, at length, we may

be numbered with thy saints in glory
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