Psalms 29

* Praise to God for deliverance. (1-5) Others encouraged by his

example. (6-12)

#1-5. The great things the Lord has done for us, both by his

providence and by his grace, bind us in gratitude to do all we

can to advance his kingdom among men, though the most we can do

is but little. God's saints in heaven sing to him; why should

not those on earth do the same? Not one of all God's perfections

carries in it more terror to the wicked, or more comfort to the

godly, than his holiness. It is a good sign that we are in some

measure partakers of his holiness, if we can heartily rejoice at

the remembrance of it. Our happiness is bound up in the Divine

favour; if we have that, we have enough, whatever else we want;

but as long as God's anger continues, so long the saints'

weeping continues.
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