Psalms 33

* God to be praised. (1-11) His people encouraged by his power.

(12-22)1-11 Holy joy is the heart and soul of praise, and that is here

pressed upon the righteous. Thankful praise is the breath and

language of holy joy. Religious songs are proper expressions of

thankful praise. Every endowment we possess, should be employed

with all our skill and earnestness in God's service. His

promises are all wise and good. His word is right, and therefore

we are only in the right when we agree with it. His works are

all done in truth. He is the righteous Lord, therefore loveth

righteousness. What a pity it is that this earth, which is so

full of the proofs and instances of God's goodness, should be so

empty of his praises; and that of the multitudes who live upon

his bounty, there are so few who live to his glory! What the

Lord does, he does to purpose; it stands fast. He overrules all

the counsels of men, and makes them serve his counsels; even

that is fulfilled, which to us is most surprising, the eternal

counsel of God, nor can any thing prevent its coming to pass.
12-22 All the motions and operations of the souls of men, which

no mortals know but themselves, God knows better than they do.

Their hearts, as well as their times, are all in his hand; he

formed the spirit of each man within him. All the powers of the

creature depend upon him, and are of no account, of no avail at

all, without him. If we make God's favour sure towards us, then

we need not fear whatever is against us. We are to give to him

the glory of his special grace. All human devices for the

salvation of our souls are vain; but the Lord's watchful eye is

over those whose conscientious fear of his name proceeds from a

believing hope in his mercy. In difficulties they shall be

helped; in dangers they shall not receive any real damage. Those

that fear God and his wrath, must hope in God and his mercy; for

there is no flying from him, but by flying to him. Let thy

mercy, O Lord, be upon us; let us always have the comfort and

benefit, not according to our merits, but according to the

promise which thou hast in thy word given to us, and according

to the faith thou hast by thy Spirit and grace wrought in us
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