Psalms 5

* God will certainly hear prayer: David gives to God the glory,

and takes to himself the comfort. (1-6) He prayed for himself,

that God would guide him, and for all the Lord's people, that

God would give them joy, and keep them safe. (7-12)1-6 God is a prayer-hearing God. Such he has always been, and

he is still as ready to hear prayer as ever. The most

encouraging principle of prayer, and the most powerful plea in

prayer, is, to look upon him as our King and our God. David also

prays to a sin-hating God. sin is folly, and sinners are the

greatest of all fools; fools of their own making. Wicked people

hate God; justly are they hated of him, and this will be their

endless misery and ruin. Let us learn the importance of truth

and sincerity, in all the affairs of life. Liars and murderers

resemble the devil, and are his children, therefore it may well

be expected that God should abhor them. These were the

characters of David's enemies; and such as these are still the

enemies of Christ and his people.
7-12 David prayed often alone, yet was very constant in

attendance on public worship. The mercy of God should ever be

the foundation both of our hope and of our joy, in every thing

wherein we have to do with him. Let us learn to pray, not for

ourselves only, but for others; grace be with all that love

Christ in sincerity. The Divine blessing comes down upon us

through Jesus Christ, the righteous or just One, as of old it

did upon Israel through David, whom God protected, and placed

upon the throne. Thou, O Christ, art the righteous Saviour, thou

art the King of Israel, thou art the Fountain of blessing to all

believers; thy favour is the defence and protection of thy

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