Psalms 59

* David prays for deliverance from his enemies. (1-7) He

foresees their destruction. (8-17)1-7 In these words we hear the voice of David when a prisoner

in his own house; the voice of Christ when surrounded by his

merciless enemies; the voice of the church when under bondage in

the world; and the voice of the Christian when under temptation,

affliction, and persecution. And thus earnestly should we pray

daily, to be defended and delivered from our spiritual enemies,

the temptations of Satan, and the corruptions of our own hearts.

We should fear suffering as evil-doers, but not be ashamed of

the hatred of workers of iniquity. It is not strange, if those

regard not what they themselves say, who have made themselves

believe that God regards not what they say. And where there is

no fear of God, there is nothing to secure proper regard to man.
8-17 It is our wisdom and duty, in times of danger and

difficulty, to wait upon God; for he is our defence, in whom we

shall be safe. It is very comfortable to us, in prayer, to look

to God as the God of our mercy, the Author of all good in us,

and the Giver of all good to us. The wicked can never be

satisfied, which is the greatest misery in a poor condition. A

contented man, if he has not what he would have, yet he does not

quarrel with Providence, nor fret within himself. It is not

poverty, but discontent that makes a man unhappy. David would

praise God because he had many times, and all along, found Him

his refuge in the day of trouble. He that is all this to us, is

certainly worthy of our best affections, praises, and services.

The trials of his people will end in joy and praise. When the

night of affliction is over, they will sing of the Lord's power

and mercy in the morning. Let believers now, in assured faith

and hope, praise Him for those mercies, for which they will

rejoice and praise him for ever
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