Psalms 68

* A prayer-- The greatness and goodness of God. (1-6) The

wonderful works God wrought for his people. (7-14) The presence

of God in his church. (15-21) The victories of Christ. (22-28)

Enlargement of the church. (29-31) The glory and grace of God.

(32-35)1-6 None ever hardened his heart against God, and prospered.

God is the joy of his people, then let them rejoice when they

come before him. He who derives his being from none, but gives

being to all, is engaged by promise and covenant to bless his

people. He is to be praised as a God of mercy and tender

compassion. He ever careth for the afflicted and oppressed:

repenting sinners, who are helpless and exposed more than any

fatherless children, are admitted into his family, and share all

their blessings.
7-14 Fresh mercies should put us in mind of former mercies. If

God bring his people into a wilderness, he will be sure to go

before them in it, and to bring them out of it. He provided for

them, both in the wilderness and in Canaan. The daily manna

seems here meant. And it looks to the spiritual provision for

God's Israel. The Spirit of grace and the gospel of grace are

the plentiful rain, with which God confirms his inheritance, and

from which their fruit is found. Christ shall come as showers

that water the earth. The account of Israel's victories is to be

applied to the victories over death and hell, by the exalted

Redeemer, for those that are his. Israel in Egypt among the

kilns appeared wretched, but possessed of Canaan, during the

reigns of David and Solomon, appeared glorious. Thus the slaves

of Satan, when converted to Christ, when justified and

sanctified by him, look honourable. When they reach heaven, all

remains of their sinful state disappear, they shall be as the

wings of the dove, covered with silver, and her feathers as

gold. Full salvation will render those white as snow, who were

vile and loathsome through the guilt and defilement of sin.
15-21 The ascension of Christ must here be meant, and thereto

it is applied, #Eph 4:8|. He received as the purchase of his

death, the gifts needful for the conversion of sinners, and the

salvation of believers. These he continually bestows, even on

rebellious men, that the Lord God might dwell among them, as

their Friend and Father. He gave gifts to men. Having received

power to give eternal life, the Lord Jesus bestows it on as many

as were given him, #Joh 17:2|. Christ came to a rebellious

world, not to condemn it, but that through him it might be

saved. The glory of Zion's King is, that he is a Saviour and

Benefactor to all his willing people, and a consuming fire to

all that persist in rebellion against him. So many, so weighty

are the gifts of God's bounty, that he may be truly said to load

us with them. He will not put us off with present things for a

portion, but will be the God of our salvation. The Lord Jesus

has authority and power to rescue his people from the dominion

of death, by taking away the sting of it from them when they

die, and giving them complete victory over it when they rise

again. The crown of the head, the chief pride and glory of the

enemy, shall be smitten; Christ shall crush the head of the

22-28 The victories with which God blessed David over the

enemies of Israel, are types of Christ's victory, for himself

and for all believers. Those who take him for theirs, may see

him acting as their God, as their King, for their good, and in

answer to their prayers; especially in and by his word and

ordinances. The kingdom of the Messiah shall be submitted to by

all the rulers and learned in the world. The people seem to

address the king, ver. #28|. But the words are applicable to the

Redeemer, to his church, and every true believer. We pray, that

thou, O God the Son, wilt complete thine undertaking for us, by

finishing thy good work in us.
29-31 A powerful invitation is given to those that are without,

to join the church. Some shall submit from fear; overcome by

their consciences, and the checks of Providence, they are

brought to make peace with the church. Others will submit

willingly, ver. #29,31|. There is that beauty and benefit in the

service of God, and in the gospel of Christ which went forth

from Jerusalem, which is enough to invite sinners out of all

32-35 God is to be admired and adored with reverence and godly

fear, by all that attend in his holy places. The God of Israel

gives strength and power unto his people. Through Christ

strengthening us we can do all things, not otherwise; therefore

he must have the glory of all we do, with our humble thanks for

enabling us to do it, and for accepting the work of his hands in

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