Psalms 75

* The psalmist declares his resolution of executing judgment.

(1-5) He rebukes the wicked, and concludes with resolutions to

praise God. (6-10)1-5 We often pray for mercy, when in pursuit of it; and shall

we only once or twice give thanks, when we obtain it? God shows

that he is nigh to us in what we call upon him for. Public

trusts are to be managed uprightly. This may well be applied to

Christ and his government. Man's sin threatened to destroy the

whole creation; but Christ saved the world from utter ruin. He

who is made of God to us wisdom, bids us be wise. To the proud,

daring sinners he says, Boast not of your power, persist not in

contempt. All the present hopes and future happiness of the

human race spring from the Son of God.

#6-10. No second causes will raise men to preferment without the

First Cause. It comes neither from the east, nor from the west,

nor from the south. He mentions not the north; the same word

that signifies the north, signifies the secret place; and from

the secret of God's counsel it does come. From God alone all

must receive their doom. There are mixtures of mercy and grace

in the cup of affliction, when it is put into the hands of God's

people; mixtures of the curse, when it is put into the hands of

the wicked. God's people have their share in common calamities,

but the dregs of the cup are for the wicked. The exaltation of

the Son of David will be the subject of the saints' everlasting

praises. Then let sinners submit to the King of righteousness,

and let believers rejoice in and obey him
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