Psalms 76

* The psalmist speaks of God's power. (1-6) All have to fear and

to trust in him. (7-12)1-6 Happy people are those who have their land filled with the

knowledge of God! happy persons that have their hearts filled

with that knowledge! It is the glory and happiness of a people

to have God among them by his ordinances. Wherein the enemies of

the church deal proudly, it will appear that God is above them.

See the power of God's rebukes. With pleasure may Christians

apply this to the advantages bestowed by the Redeemer.
7-12 God's people are the meek of the earth, the quiet in the

land, that suffer wrong, but do none. The righteous God seems to

keep silence long, yet, sooner or later, he will make judgment

to be heard. We live in an angry, provoking world; we often feel

much, and are apt to fear more, from the wrath of man. What will

not turn to his praise, shall not be suffered to break out. He

can set bounds to the wrath of man, as he does to the raging

sea; hitherto it shall come, and no further. Let all submit to

God. Our prayers and praises, and especially our hearts, are the

presents we should bring to the Lord. His name is glorious, and

he is the proper object of our fear. He shall cut off the spirit

of princes; he shall slip it off easily, as we slip off a flower

from the stalk, or a bunch of grapes from the vine; so the word

signifies. He can dispirit the most daring: since there is no

contending with God, it is our wisdom, as it is our duty, to

submit to him. Let us seek his favour as our portion, and commit

all our concerns to him
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