Psalms 98

* The glory of the Redeemer. (1-3) The joy of the Redeemer.

(4-9)1-3 A song of praise for redeeming love is a new song, a

mystery hidden from ages and generations. Converts sing a new

song, very different from what they had sung. If the grace of

God put a new heart into our breasts, it will put a new song

into our mouths. Let this new song be sung to the praise of God,

in consideration of the wonders he has wrought. The Redeemer has

overcome all difficulties in the way of our redemption, and was

not discouraged by the services or sufferings appointed him. Let

us praise him for the discoveries made to the world of the work

of redemption; his salvation and his righteousness fulfilling

the prophecies and promises of the Old Testament. In pursuance

of this design, God raised up his Son Jesus to be not only a

Light to lighten the Gentiles, but the glory of his people

Israel. Surely it behoves us to inquire whether his holy arm

hath gotten the victory in our hearts, over the power of Satan,

unbelief, and sin? If this be our happy case, we shall exchange

all light songs of vanity for songs of joy and thanksgiving; our

lives will celebrate the Redeemer's praise.
4-9 Let all the children of men rejoice in the setting up the

kingdom of Christ, for all may benefit by it. The different

orders of rational creatures in the universe, seem to be

described in figurative language in the reign of the great

Messiah. The kingdom of Christ will be a blessing to the whole

creation. We expect his second coming to begin his glorious

reign. Then shall heaven and earth rejoice, and the joy of the

redeemed shall be full. But sin and its dreadful effects will

not be utterly done away, till the Lord come to judge the world

in righteousness. Seeing then that we look for such things, let

us give diligence that we may be found of him in peace, without

spot, and blameless
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