Psalms 99

* The happy government God's people are under. (1-5) Its happy

administration. (6-9)1-5 God governs the world by his providence, governs the church

by his grace, and both by his Son. The inhabitants of the earth

have cause to tremble, but the Redeemer still waits to be

gracious. Let all who hear, take warning, and seek his mercy.

The more we humble ourselves before God, the more we exalt him;

and let us be thus reverent, for he is holy.
6-9 The happiness of Israel is made out by referring to the

most useful governors of that people. They in every thing made

God's word and law their rule, knowing that they could not else

expect that their prayers should be answered. They all

wonderfully prevailed with God in prayer; miracles were wrought

at their request. They pleaded for the people, and obtained

answers of peace. Our Prophet and High Priest, of infinitely

greater dignity than Moses, Aaron, or Samuel, has received and

declared to us the will of the Father. Let us not only exalt the

Lord with our lips, but give him the throne in our heart; and

while we worship him upon his mercy-seat, let us never forget

that he is holy
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