Song of Solomon 7

* The graces of the church. (1-9) The delight of the church in

Christ. (10-13)

1-9 The similitudes here are different from what they were

before, and in the original refer to glorious and splendid

clothing. Such honour have all his saints; and having put on

Christ, they are distinguished by their beautiful and glorious

apparel. They adorn the doctrine of God their Saviour in all

things. Consistent believers honour Christ, recommend the

gospel, and convince and awaken sinners. The church resembles

the stately and spreading palm; while her love for Christ, and

the obedience resulting therefrom, are precious fruit of the

true Vine. The King is held in the galleries. Christ takes

delight in the assemblies and ordinances of his people; and

admires the fruit of his grace in them. When applied to the

church and to each faithful Christian, all this denotes that

beauty of holiness, in which they shall be presented to their

heavenly Bridegroom.
10-13 The church, the believing soul, triumphs in its relation

to Christ, and interest in him. She humbly desires communion

with him. Let us walk together, that I may receive counsel,

instruction, and comfort from thee; and may make known my wants

and my grievances to thee, with freedom, and without

interruption. Communion with Christ is what all that are made

holy earnestly breathe after. And those who would converse with

Christ, must go forth from the world. Wherever we are, we may

keep up communion with God. Nor should we go where we cannot in

faith ask him to go with us. Those who would go abroad with

Christ, must begin early in the morning of their days; must

begin every day with him, seek him early, seek him diligently. A

gracious soul can reconcile itself to the poorest places, if it

may have communion with God in them; but the most delightful

fields will not satisfy, unless the Beloved is there. Let us not

think to be satisfied with any earthly object. Our own souls are

our vineyards; they should be planted with useful trees. We

should often search whether we are fruitful in righteousness.

Christ's presence will make the vine flourish, and the tender

grapes appear, as the returning sun revives the gardens. If we

can appeal to him, Thou knowest all things, thou knowest that I

love thee; if his Spirit witness with our spirit, that our souls

prosper, it is enough. And we must beg of him to search and try

us, to discover us to ourselves. The fruits and exercises of

graces are pleasant to the Lord Jesus. These must be laid up,

and always ready; that by our bringing forth much fruit, he may

be glorified. It is all from him, therefore it is fit it should

be all for him.
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