Song of Solomon 8

* Desire for communion with Christ. (1-4) The vehemence of this

desire. (5-7) The church pleads for others. (8-12) And prays for

Christ's coming. (13,14)

1-4 The church wishes for the constant intimacy and freedom

with the Lord Jesus that a sister has with a brother. That they

might be as his brethren, which they are, when by grace they are

made partakers of a Divine nature. Christ is become as our

Brother; wherever we find him, let us be ready to own our

relation to him, and affection for him, and not fear being

despised for it. Is there in us an ardent wish to serve Christ

more and better? What then have we laid up in store, to show our

affection to the Beloved of our souls? What fruit unto holiness?

The church charges all her children that they never provoke

Christ to withdraw. We should reason with ourselves, when

tempted to do what would grieve the Spirit.
5-7 The Jewish church came up from the wilderness, supported by

Divine power and favour. The Christian church was raised from a

low, desolate condition, by the grace of Christ relied on.

Believers, by the power of grace, are brought up from the

wilderness. A sinful state is a wilderness in which there is no

true comfort; it is a wandering, wanting state: There is no

coming out of this wilderness, but leaning on Christ as our

Beloved, by faith; not leaning to our own understanding, nor

trusting in any righteousness of our own; but in the strength of

him, who is the Lord our Righteousness. The words of the church

to Christ which follow, entreat an abiding place in his love,

and protection by his power. Set me as a seal upon thine heart;

let me always have a place in thine heart; let me have an

impression of love upon thine heart. Of this the soul would be

assured, and without a sense thereof no rest is to be found.

Those who truly love Christ, are jealous of every thing that

would draw them from him; especially of themselves, lest they

should do any thing to provoke him to withdraw from them. If we

love Christ, the fear of coming short of his love, or the

temptations to forsake him, will be most painful to us. No

waters can quench Christ's love to us, nor any floods drown it.

Let nothing abate our love to him. Nor will life, and all its

comforts, entice a believer from loving Christ. Love of Christ,

will enable us to repel and triumph over temptations from the

smiles of the world, as well as from its frowns.
8-12 The church pleads for the Gentiles, who then had not the

word of God, nor the means of grace. Those who are brought to

Christ themselves, should contrive what they may do to help

others to him. Babes in Christ are always seen among Christians,

and the welfare of their weak brethren is an object of continual

prayer with the stronger believers. If the beginning of this

work were likened to a wall built upon Him the precious

Foundation and Corner-stone, then the Gentile church would

become as a palace for the great King, built of solid silver. If

the first preaching of the gospel were as the making a door

through the wall of partition, that door should be lasting, as

cased with boards of durable cedar. She shall be carefully and

effectually protected, enclosed so as to receive no damage. The

church is full of care for those yet uncalled. Christ says, I

will do all that is necessary to be done for them. See with what

satisfaction we should look back upon the times and seasons,

when we were in his eyes as those that find favour. Our hearts

are our vineyards, which we must keep with all diligence. To

Christ, and to his praise, all our fruits must be dedicated. All

that work for Christ, work for themselves, and shall be

unspeakable gainers by it.
13,14 These verses close the conference between Christ and his

church. He first addresses her as dwelling in the gardens, the

assemblies and ordinances of his saints. He exhorts her to be

constant and frequent in prayers, supplications, and praises, in

which he delights. She replies, craving his speedy return to

take her to be wholly with Him. The heavens, those high

mountains of sweet spices, must contain Christ, till the times

come, when every eye shall see him, in all the glory of the

better world. True believers as they are looking for, so they

are hastening to the coming of that day of the Lord. Let every

Christian endeavour to perform the duties of his station, that

men may see his good works, and glorify his heavenly Father.

Continuing earnest in prayer for what we want, our thanksgivings

will abound, and our joy will be full; our souls will be

enriched, and our labours prospered. We shall be enabled to look

forward to death and judgment without fear. Even so, come, Lord


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