Zechariah 10

* Blessings to be sought from the Lord. (1-5) God will restore

his people. (6-12)

1-5 Spiritual blessings had been promised under figurative

allusions to earthly plenty. Seasonable rain is a great mercy,

which we may ask of God when there is most need of it, and we

may look for it to come. We must in our prayers ask for mercies

in their proper time. The Lord would make bright clouds, and

give showers of rain. This may be an exhortation to seek the

influences of the Holy Spirit, in faith and by prayer, through

which the blessings held forth in the promises are obtained and

enjoyed. The prophet shows the folly of making addresses to

idols, as their fathers had done. The Lord visited the remnant

of his flock in mercy, and was about to renew their courage and

strength for conflict and victory. Every creature is to us what

God makes it to be. Every one raised to support the nation, as a

corner-stone does the building, or to unite those that differ,

as nails join the different timbers, must come from the Lord;

and those employed to overcome their enemies, must have strength

and success from him. This may be applied to Christ; to him we

must look to raise up persons to unite, support, and defend his

people. He never will say, Seek ye me in vain.
6-12 Here are precious promises to the people of God, which

look to the state of the Jews, and even to the latter days of

the church. Preaching the gospel is God's call for souls to come

to Jesus Christ. Those whom Christ redeemed by his blood, God

will gather by his grace. Difficulties shall be got over easily,

and effectually, as those in the way of the deliverance out of

Egypt. God himself will be their strength, and their song. When

we resist, and so overcome our spiritual enemies, then our

hearts shall rejoice. If God strengthen us, we must bestir

ourselves in all the duties of the Christian life, must be

active in the work of God; and we must do all in the name of the

Lord Jesus.

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