Zechariah 6

* The vision of the chariots. (1-8) Joshua, the high priest,

crowned as a type of Christ. (9-15)

1-8 This vision may represent the ways of Providence in the

government of this lower world. Whatever the providences of God

about us are, as to public or private affairs, we should see

them all as coming from between the mountains of brass, the

immoveable counsels and decrees of God; and therefore reckon it

as much our folly to quarrel with them, as it is our duty to

submit to them. His providences move swiftly and strongly as

chariots, but all are directed and governed by his infinite

wisdom and sovereign will. The red horses signify war and

bloodshed. The black, signify the dismal consequences of war,

famines, pestilences, and desolations. The white, signify the

return of comfort, peace, and prosperity. The mixed colour,

signify events of different complexions, a day of prosperity and

a day of adversity. The angels go forth as messengers of God's

counsels, and ministers of his justice and mercy. And the secret

motions and impulses upon the spirits of men, by which the

designs of Providence are carried on, are these four spirits of

the heavens, which go forth from God, and fulfil what the God of

the spirits of all flesh appoints. All the events which take

place in the world spring from the unchangeable counsels of the

Lord, which are formed in unerring wisdom, perfect justice,

truth, and goodness; and from history it is found that events

happened about the period when this vision was sent to the

prophet, which seem referred to therein.
9-15 Some Jews from Babylon brought an offering to the house of

God. Those who cannot forward a good work by their persons,

must, as they are able, forward it by their purses: if some find

hands, let others fill them. Crowns are to be made, and put upon

the head of Joshua. The sign was used, to make the promise more

noticed, that God will, in the fulness of time, raise up a great

High Priest, like Joshua, who is but the figure of one that is

to come. Christ is not only the Foundation, but the Founder of

this temple, by his Spirit and grace. Glory is a burden, but not

too heavy for Him to bear who upholds all things. The cross was

His glory, and he bore that; so is the crown an exceeding weight

of glory, and he bears that. The counsel of peace should be

between the priest and the throne, between the priestly and

kingly offices of Jesus Christ. The peace and welfare of the

gospel church, and of all believers, shall be wrought, though

not by two several persons, yet by two several offices meeting

in one; Christ, purchasing all peace by his priesthood,

maintaining and defending it by his kingdom. The crowns used in

this solemnity must be kept in the temple, as evidence of this

promise of the Messiah. Let us not think of separating what God

has joined in his counsel of peace. We cannot come to God by

Christ as our Priest, if we refuse to have him rule over us as

our King. We have no real ground to think our peace is made with

God, unless we try to keep his commandments.

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