Acts 24

And after five days, Ananias the high priest, with the Elders, and with Tertullus the orator, went down, and made a communication to the governor against Paul. And when he had been called, Tertullus began to accuse him, and to say: Through thee, we dwell in much tranquillity; and many reforms have come to this nation, under thy administration; and we all, in every place, receive thy grace, excellent Felix. But, not to weary thee with numerous particulars, I pray thee to hear our humbleness, in brief. For we have found this man to be an assassin, and a mover of sedition among all Jews in the whole land: for he is a ringleader of the sect of the Nazareans. And he was disposed to pollute our temple. And having seized him we wished to judge him according to our law. But Lysias the Chiliarch came, and with great violence took him out of our hands, and sent him to thee. And he commanded his accusers to come before thee. And if thou wilt interrogate him, thou canst learn from him respecting all these things of which we accuse him. And the Jews also pleaded against him, saying that these things were so. 10 Then the governor made signs to Paul, that he should speak. And Paul answered and said: I know thee to have been a judge of this nation for many years, and I therefore cheerfully enter upon a defence of myself. 11 Because thou canst understand, that there have been but twelve days, since I went up to Jerusalem to worship. 12 And they did not find me talking with any person in the temple, nor collecting any company, either in their synagogues, or in the city. 13 Nor have they the power to prove, before thee, the things of which they now accuse me. 14 But this indeed I acknowledge, that in that same doctrine of which they speak, I do serve the God of my fathers, believing all the things written in the law and in the prophets. 15 And I have a hope in God, which they also themselves expect, that there is to be a resurrection of the dead, both of the righteous and the wicked. 16 And for this reason, I also labor to have always a pure conscience before God, and before men. 17 And, after many years, I came to the people of my own nation, to impart alms, and to present an offering. 18 And when I had purified myself, these men found me in the temple; not with a throng, nor with a tumult. But certain Jews, who came from Asia, were tumultuous; 19 who ought, with me, to stand before thee, and make accusation of their own affair. 20 Or let these here present say, whether they found any offence in me, when I stood before their assembly; 21 except this one thing, that I cried, while standing in the midst of them: Concerning the resurrection of the dead, am I this day on trial before you. 22 And Felix, because he understood that way fully, deferred them, saying: When the Chiliarch shall come, I will give hearing between you. 23 And he commanded a centurion to keep Paul, at rest; and that no one of his acquaintances should be forbidden to minister to him. 24 And after a few days, Felix, and Drusilla his wife who was a Jewess, sent and called for Paul; and they heard him concerning faith in the Messiah. 25 And while he was discoursing with them on righteousness, and on holiness, and on the future judgment, Felix was filled with fear; and he said: For the present time, go: and when I have opportunity, I will send for thee. 26 He hoped, moreover, that a present would be given him by Paul; and therefore, he often sent for him, and conversed with him. 27 And when two years were fulfilled to him, another governor, whose name was Porcius Festus, came into his place. And Felix, that he might do the Jews a favor, left Paul a prisoner.
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