1 Samuel 1

Elkanah and His Wives

1Now there was a certain man from a  Ramathaim-zophim from the b  hill country of Ephraim, and his name was c  Elkanah the son of Jeroham, the son of Elihu, the son of Tohu, the son of Zuph, an Ephraimite. 2He had d  two wives: the name of one was e  Hannah and the name of the other Peninnah; and Peninnah had children, but Hannah had no children.

3Now this man would go up from his city f  yearly g  to worship and to sacrifice to the  Lord of hosts in h  Shiloh. And the two sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, were priests to the  Lord there. 4When the day came that Elkanah sacrificed, he i  would give portions to Peninnah his wife and to all her sons and her daughters; 5but to Hannah he would give a double portion, for he loved Hannah j  but the  Lord had closed her womb. 6Her rival, however, k  would provoke her bitterly to irritate her, because the  Lord had closed her womb. 7It happened year after year, as often as she went up to the house of the  Lord, she would provoke her; so she wept and would not eat. 8Then Elkanah her husband said to her, “Hannah, why do you weep and why do you not eat and why is your heart sad? l  Am I not better to you than ten sons?”

9Then Hannah rose after eating and drinking in Shiloh. Now Eli the priest was sitting on the seat by the doorpost of m  the temple of the  Lord. 10She,
Lit bitter of soul
greatly distressed, prayed to the  Lord and wept bitterly.
11She o  made a vow and said, “O  Lord of hosts, if You will indeed p  look on the affliction of Your maidservant and remember me, and not forget Your maidservant, but will give Your maidservant a
Lit seed of men
son, then I will give him to the  Lord all the days of his life, and r  a razor shall never come on his head.”

12Now it came about, as she
Lit multiplied
continued praying before the  Lord, that Eli was watching her mouth.
13As for Hannah t  she was speaking in her heart, only her lips were moving, but her voice was not heard. So Eli thought she was drunk. 14Then Eli said to her, u  How long will you make yourself drunk? Put away your wine from you.” 15But Hannah replied, “No, my lord, I am a woman
Lit severe
oppressed in spirit; I have drunk neither wine nor strong drink, but I w  have poured out my soul before the  Lord.
16“Do not
Lit give
consider your maidservant as a worthless woman, for I have spoken until now out of my great concern and
Lit my provocation
17Then Eli answered and said z  Go in peace; and may the God of Israel aa  grant your petition that you have asked of Him.” 18She said ab  Let your maidservant find favor in your sight.” So the woman went her way and ate, and ac  her face was no longer sad.

Samuel Is Born to Hannah

19Then they arose early in the morning and worshiped before the  Lord, and returned again to their house in ad  Ramah. And Elkanah
Lit knew
had relations with Hannah his wife, and af  the  Lord remembered her.
20It came about
Lit at the circuit of the days
in due time, after Hannah had conceived, that she gave birth to a son; and she named him Samuel, saying ah  Because I have asked him of the  Lord.”

21Then the man Elkanah ai  went up with all his household to offer to the  Lord the yearly sacrifice and pay his vow. 22But Hannah did not go up, for she said to her husband, “I will not go up until the child is weaned; then I will aj  bring him, that he may appear before the  Lord and ak  stay there forever.” 23 al  Elkanah her husband said to her, “Do what seems best
Lit in your eyes
to you. Remain until you have weaned him; only an  may the  Lord confirm His word.” So the woman remained and nursed her son until she weaned him.
24Now when she had weaned him, ao  she took him up with her, with a three-year-old bull and one ephah of flour and a jug of wine, and brought him to ap  the house of the  Lord in Shiloh, although the child was young. 25Then aq  they slaughtered the bull, and ar  brought the boy to Eli. 26She said, “Oh, my lord! as  As your soul lives, my lord, I am the woman who stood here beside you, praying to the  Lord. 27 at  For this boy I prayed, and the  Lord has given me my petition which I asked of Him. 28 au  So I have also
Lit lent
dedicated him to the  Lord; as long as he lives he is
Lit lent
dedicated to the  Lord.” And ax  he worshiped the  Lord there.
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