Jeremiah 48

Prophecy against Moab

1Concerning a  Moab. Thus says the  Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, Woe to b  Nebo, for it has been destroyed;
c  Kiriathaim has been put to shame, it has been captured;
The lofty stronghold has been put to shame and
Or dismayed
2There is praise for Moab no longer;
In e  Heshbon they have devised calamity against her:
Come and let us cut her off from being a nation!’
You too
I.e. a city of Moab
Madmen, will be silenced;
The sword will follow after you.
3The sound of an outcry from g  Horonaim,
Devastation and great destruction!’
4Moab is broken,
Her little ones have sounded out a cry of distress.
5For by the ascent of h  Luhith
They will ascend with continual weeping;
For at the descent of Horonaim
They have heard the
Lit distresses of outcry
anguished cry of destruction.
6 j  Flee, save your lives,
That you may be like a juniper in the wilderness.
7For because of your k  trust in your own achievements and treasures,
Even you yourself will be captured;
And l  Chemosh will go off into exile
Together with his priests and his princes.
8A destroyer will come to every city,
So that no city will escape;
The valley also will be ruined
And the m  plateau will be destroyed,
As the  Lord has said.
Or salt
o  wings to Moab,
For she will
Or fall in ruins
flee away;
And her cities will become a q  desolation,
Without inhabitants in them.
10 r  Cursed be the one who does the  Lord’s work s  negligently,
And cursed be the one who restrains his t  sword from blood.

11Moab has been u  at ease since his youth;
He has also been v  undisturbed, like wine on
Lit his
its dregs,
And he has not been x  emptied from vessel to vessel,
Nor has he gone into exile.
Lit his flavor has stayed in him
he retains his flavor,
And his aroma has not changed.

12Therefore behold, the days are coming,” declares the  Lord, “when I will send to him those who tip vessels, and they will tip him over, and they will empty his vessels and shatter
Lit their
his jars.
13And Moab will be aa  ashamed of ab  Chemosh, as the house of Israel was ashamed of ac  Bethel, their confidence. 14How can you say, ‘We are ad  mighty warriors,
And men valiant for battle’?
15Moab has been destroyed and
Lit one has
men have gone up to
Lit her
his cities;
His choicest
I.e. warriors
ah  young men have also gone down to the slaughter,”
Declares the ai  King, whose name is the  Lord of hosts.
16The disaster of Moab will aj  soon come,
And his calamity has swiftly hastened.
17Mourn for him, all you who live around him,
Even all of you who know his name;
Say, ‘How has the mighty
Or rod
al  scepter been broken,
A staff of splendor!’
18 am  Come down from your glory
And sit
Lit in thirst
on the parched ground,
O ao  daughter dwelling in ap  Dibon,
For the destroyer of Moab has come up against you,
He has ruined your strongholds.
19Stand by the road and keep watch,
O inhabitant of aq  Aroer;
ar  Ask him who flees and her who escapes
And say, ‘What has happened?’
20Moab has been put to shame, for it has been
Or dismayed
Wail and cry out;
Declare by the at  Arnon
That Moab has been destroyed.

21Judgment has also come upon the plain, upon Holon, au  Jahzah and against av  Mephaath, 22against Dibon, Nebo and Beth-diblathaim, 23against Kiriathaim, Beth-gamul and aw  Beth-meon, 24against ax  Kerioth, Bozrah and all the cities of the land of Moab, far and near. 25“The ay  horn of Moab has been cut off and his az  arm broken,” declares the  Lord. 26 ba  Make him drunk, for he has
Or magnified himself against
become bc  arrogant toward the  Lord; so Moab will
Or splash into
wallow in his vomit, and he also will become a laughingstock.
27Now was not Israel a be  laughingstock to you? Or was he
Or found
bg  caught among thieves? For each time you speak about him you bh  shake your head in scorn.
28Leave the cities and dwell among the bi  crags,
O inhabitants of Moab,
And be like a bj  dove that nests
Beyond the mouth of the chasm.
29 bk  We have heard of the pride of Moab— he is very proud
Of his haughtiness, his bl  pride, his arrogance and
Lit elevation of his heart
his self-exaltation.
30I know his bn  fury,” declares the  Lord,
But it is futile;
His idle boasts have accomplished nothing.
31Therefore I will bo  wail for Moab,
Even for all Moab will I cry out;
Another reading is He
I will moan for the men of bq  Kir-heres.
32More than the br  weeping for bs  Jazer
I will weep for you, O vine of Sibmah!
Your tendrils stretched across the sea,
They reached to the sea of Jazer;
Upon your summer fruits and your grape harvest
The destroyer has fallen.
33“So bt  gladness and joy are taken away
From the fruitful field, even from the land of Moab.
And I have made the wine to bu  cease from the wine presses;
No one will tread them with shouting,
The shouting will not be shouts of joy.

34 bv  From the outcry at Heshbon even to bw  Elealeh, even to Jahaz they have
Lit given forth
raised their voice, from by  Zoar even to Horonaim and to Eglath-shelishiyah; for even the waters of Nimrim will become desolate.
35I will make an end of Moab,” declares the  Lord, “the one who offers sacrifice on the bz  high place and the one who
Or offers up in smoke
cb  burns incense to his gods.

36Therefore My cc  heart
Lit sounds
wails for Moab like flutes; My heart also
Lit sounds
wails like flutes for the men of Kir-heres. Therefore they have cf  lost the abundance it produced.
37“For cg  every head is bald and every beard cut short; there are gashes on all the hands and ch  sackcloth on the loins. 38On all the ci  housetops of Moab and in its streets
Lit all of it is lamentation
there is lamentation everywhere; for I have broken Moab like an undesirable ck  vessel,” declares the  Lord.
Or dismayed
shattered it is! How they have wailed! How Moab has turned his backhe is ashamed! So Moab will become a laughingstock and an cm  object of terror to all around him.”

40For thus says the  Lord: Behold, one will cn  fly swiftly like an eagle
And co  spread out his wings against Moab.
41Kerioth has been captured
And the strongholds have been seized,
So the cp  hearts of the mighty men of Moab in that day
Will be like the heart of a cq  woman in labor.
42Moab will be cr  destroyed from being a people
Because he has
Or magnified himself against
become ct  arrogant toward the  Lord.
43 cu  Terror, pit and snare are coming upon you,
O inhabitant of Moab,” declares the  Lord.
44“The one who cv  flees from the terror
Will fall into the pit,
And the one who climbs up out of the pit
Will be caught in the snare;
For I shall bring upon her, even upon Moab,
The year of their cw  punishment,” declares the  Lord.

45In the shadow of Heshbon
The fugitives stand without strength;
For a fire has gone forth from Heshbon
And a cx  flame from the midst of cy  Sihon,
And it has devoured the cz  forehead of Moab
And the scalps of the
Lit sons of tumult
riotous revelers.
46 db  Woe to you, Moab!
The people of dc  Chemosh have perished;
For your sons have been taken away captive
And your daughters into captivity.
47“Yet I will dd  restore the
Or captivity
fortunes of Moab
In the
Lit end of the days
latter days,” declares the  Lord.

Thus far the judgment on Moab.
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