Micah 5

Birth of the King in Bethlehem

Ch 4:14 in Heb
Now muster yourselves in troops, daughter of troops;
Lit He has
They have laid siege against us;
With a rod they will c  smite the judge of Israel on the cheek.
Ch 5:1 in Heb
“But as for e  you, Bethlehem Ephrathah,
Too little to be among the clans of Judah,
From f  you One will go forth for Me to be g  ruler in Israel.
Or His appearances are from long ago, from days of old
His goings forth are i  from long ago,
From the days of eternity.”
3Therefore He will j  give them up until the time
When she k  who is in labor has borne a child.
Then the l  remainder of His brethren
Will return to the sons of Israel.
4And He will arise and m  shepherd His flock
In the strength of the  Lord,
In the majesty of the name of the  Lord His God.
And they will
Or live in safety
Lit now
at that time He will be great
To the p  ends of the earth.
5This One q  will be our peace.
When the r  Assyrian invades our land,
When he tramples on our
Or palaces
Then we will raise against him
Seven shepherds and eight leaders of men.
6They will t  shepherd the land of Assyria with the sword,
The land of u  Nimrod at its entrances;
And He will v  deliver us from the Assyrian
When he attacks our land
And when he tramples our territory.

7Then the w  remnant of Jacob
Will be among many peoples
Like x  dew from the  Lord,
Like y  showers on vegetation
Which do not wait for man
Or delay for the sons of men.
8The remnant of Jacob
Will be among the nations,
Among many peoples
z  Like a lion among the beasts of the forest,
Like a young lion among flocks of sheep,
Which, if he passes through,
aa  Tramples down and ab  tears,
And there is ac  none to rescue.
9Your hand will be ad  lifted up against your adversaries,
And all your enemies will be cut off.

10It will be in that day,” declares the  Lord,
ae  That I will cut off your af  horses from among you
And destroy your chariots.
11I will also cut off the ag  cities of your land
And tear down all your ah  fortifications.
12I will cut off ai  sorceries from your hand,
And you will have fortune-tellers no more.
13 aj  I will cut off your carved images
And your sacred pillars from among you,
So that you will no longer bow down
To the work of your hands.
14I will root out your
I.e. wooden symbols of a female deity
al  Asherim from among you
And destroy your cities.
15“And I will am  execute vengeance in anger and wrath
On the nations which have not obeyed.”

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