Psalms 41

The Psalmist in Sickness Complains of Enemies and False Friends.

For the choir director. A Psalm of David.

1 How blessed is he who a  considers the
Or poor
The  Lord will deliver him c  in a day of
Or evil
2The  Lord will e  protect him and keep him alive,
And he shall
Or be blessed
be called g  blessed upon the earth;
And h  do not give him over to the desire of his enemies.
3The  Lord will sustain him upon his sickbed;
In his illness, You
Lit turn all his bed
restore him to health.

4As for me, I said, “O  Lord, be gracious to me;
j  Heal my soul, for k  I have sinned against You.”
5My enemies l  speak evil against me,
When will he die, and his name perish?”
Or if he
when he comes to see me, he n  speaks
Or emptiness
His heart gathers wickedness to itself;
When he goes outside, he tells it.
7All who hate me whisper together against me;
Against me they p  devise my hurt, saying,
8A wicked thing is poured out
Or within
upon him,
That when he lies down, he will r  not rise up again.”
9Even my s  close friend in whom I trusted,
Who ate my bread,
Has lifted up his heel against me.

10But You, O  Lord, be gracious to me and t  raise me up,
That I may repay them.
11By this I know that u  You are pleased with me,
Because v  my enemy does not shout in triumph over me.
12As for me, w  You uphold me in my integrity,
And You set me x  in Your presence forever.

13 y  Blessed be the  Lord, the God of Israel,
From everlasting to everlasting.
Amen and Amen.

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