Psalms 131

1O Lord, my heart is not proud,
nor do I have a haughty look.
Heb “and my eyes are not lifted up.”

I do not have great aspirations,
or concern myself with things that are beyond me.
Heb “I do not walk in great things, and in things too marvelous for me.”

2 Indeed
Or “but.”
I am composed and quiet,
Heb “I make level and make quiet my soul.”

like a young child carried by its mother;
Heb “like a weaned [one] upon his mother.”

I am content like the young child I carry.
Heb “like the weaned [one] upon me, my soul.”

O Israel, hope in the Lord
now and forevermore!

Psalm 132

Psalm 132. The psalmist reminds God of David’s devotion and of his promises concerning David’s dynasty and Zion.

A song of ascents.

The precise significance of this title, which appears in Pss 120–134, is unclear. Perhaps worshipers recited these psalms when they ascended the road to Jerusalem to celebrate annual religious festivals. For a discussion of their background see L. C. Allen, Psalms 101–150 (WBC), 219-21.
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