Job 24

Why are not times treasured up by the Almighty? And why do not they who know him see his days? They remove landmarks; They take away flocks by violence, and pasture them. They drive away the ass of the fatherless, And take the widow’s ox for a pledge. They push the needy from the way; All the poor of the land are forced to hide themselves. Behold, like wild asses of the desert, they go forth to their work; They search for prey; The wilderness supplieth them food for their children. In the fields they reap the harvest, And gather the vintage of the oppressor. They lodge naked, without clothing, And without covering from the cold. They are drenched with the mountain showers, And embrace the rock for want of shelter. The fatherless are torn from the breast, And the garment of the needy is taken for a pledge. 10 They go naked, without clothing, And carry the sheaf hungry. 11 They make oil within their walls, And tread the wine-vat, yet suffer thirst. 12 From anguish the dying groan, And the wounded cry aloud; And God regardeth not their prayer! 13 Others hate the light; They know not its ways, And abide not in its paths. 14 With the light ariseth the murderer; He killeth the poor and needy; In the night he is as a thief. 15 The eye of the adulterer watcheth for the twilight; He saith, "No eye will see me," And putteth a mask upon his face. 16 In the dark they break into houses; In the daytime they shut themselves up; They are strangers to the light. 17 The morning is to them the very shadow of death; They are familiar with the terrors of the shadow of death. 18 Light are they on the face of the waters; They have an accursed portion in the earth; They come not near the vineyards. 19 As drought and heat consume the snow waters, So doth the grave the wicked. 20 His own mother forgetteth him; The worm feedeth sweetly on him; He is no more remembered, And iniquity is broken like a tree. 21 He oppresseth the barren, that hath not borne, And doeth not good to the widow. 22 He taketh away the mighty by his power; He riseth up, and no one is sure of life. 23 God giveth them security, so that they are confident; His eyes are upon their ways. 24 They are exalted; —in a little while they are gone! They are brought low, and die, like all others; And like the topmost ears of corn are they cut off. 25 If it be not so, who will confute me, And show my discourse to be worthless?
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