Job 26

Then Job answered and said: How hast thou helped the weak, And strengthened the feeble arm! How hast thou counselled the ignorant, And revealed wisdom in fulness! For whom hast thou uttered these words? And whose spirit spake through thee? Before Him the shades tremble Beneath the waters and their inhabitants. The under-world is naked before him, And destruction is without covering. He stretcheth out the north over empty space, And hangeth the earth upon nothing. He bindeth up the waters in his thick clouds, And the cloud is not rent under them. He covereth the face of his throne, And spreadeth his clouds upon it. 10 He hath drawn a circular bound upon the waters, To the confines of light and darkness. 11 The pillars of heaven tremble And are confounded at his rebuke. 12 By his power he stilleth the sea, Yea, by his wisdom he smiteth its pride. 13 By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; His hand hath formed the fleeing Serpent. 14 Lo! these are but the borders of his works; How faint the whisper we have heard of him! But the thunder of his power who can understand?
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