Psalms 17

A psalm of David.

Hear the righteous cause, O LORD! Attend to my cry; Give ear to my prayer from lips without deceit! May my sentence come forth from thy presence; May thine eyes behold uprightness! Provest thou my heart, visitest thou me in the night, Triest thou me like gold, thou shalt find nothing! My thoughts do not vary from my lips. As to the deeds of men, Through the word of thy lips I have kept me from the paths of the destroyer. Support my steps in thy paths, That my feet may not slip! I call upon thee, O God! for thou wilt hear me; Incline thine ear to me, and listen to my prayer! Show forth thy loving-kindness, O thou that savest by thy right hand Them that seek refuge in thee from their adversaries! Guard me as the apple of the eye; Hide me under the shadow of thy wings From the wicked who assault me, From my deadly enemies who compass me about! 10 They shut up their hard heart; With their mouth they speak haughtily. 11 They encompass us in all our steps; They fix their eyes upon us, that they may cast us on the ground. 12 They are like a lion, eager for his prey; Like a young lion, lurking in secret places. 13 Arise, O LORD! disappoint them, cast them down! Deliver me from the wicked by thy sword, 14 From men, by thy hand, O LORD! from men of the world, Whose portion is in life; whom thou loadest with thy treasure; Whose children have enough, and leave their superfluity to their children. 15 But I through righteousness shall see thy face; I shall be satisfied with the revival of thy countenance.
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