Psalms 21

For the leader of the music. A psalm of David.

The king rejoiceth in thy strength, O LORD! Yea, he doth greatly exult in thy protection. Thou hast given him his heart’s desire, And hast not denied him the request of his lips. [Pause.] Yea, thou hast met him with rich blessings, Thou hast placed a crown of pure gold upon his head. He asked life of thee; thou gavest it him; Even long life, enduring for ever. Great is his glory through thine aid; Honor and majesty hast thou laid upon him. Thou hast made him blessed for evermore; Thou hast made him glad with the joy of thy countenance. For the king trusteth in the LORD; And through the goodness of the Most High he shall never fall. Thy hand shall overtake all thine enemies; Thy right hand shall overtake them that hate thee. Thou wilt make them like a burning oven in the time of thine anger; Jehovah shall swallow them up in his wrath, And the fire shall devour them. 10 Their offspring shalt thou destroy from the earth, And their posterity from the sons of men. 11 For they spread a net of mischief against thee; They devised plots against thee, but they did not prevail. 12 Therefore thou wilt cause them to turn their backs; Thou wilt make ready thine arrows upon the strings against them. 13 Exalt thyself, O LORD! by thy strength! So will we sing, and praise thy mighty deeds.
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