Psalms 58

For the leader of the music. To the tune of "Do not destroy." A psalm of David.

Do ye, indeed, administer justice faithfully, ye mighty ones? Do ye judge with uprightness, ye sons of men? Nay, in your hearts ye contrive iniquity; Your hands weigh out violence in the land! The wicked are estranged, from their very birth; The liars go astray as soon as they are born. They have poison, like the poison of a serpent; Like the deaf adder’s, which stoppeth her ear; Which listeneth not to the voice of the charmer, And of the sorcerer, skilful in incantations. Break their teeth, O God! in their mouths! Break out the great teeth of the lions, O LORD! May they melt like waters, which flow away; May their arrows, when they aim them, be as if cut in pieces! May they be like the snail, which melteth away as it goeth; Like the abortion of a woman, that seeth not the sun! Before your pots feel the heat of the thorns, Whether fresh, or burning, may they be blown away! 10 The righteous shall rejoice, when he seeth such vengeance; He shall bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked. 11 Then shall men say, "Truly there is a reward for the righteous! Truly there is a God who is judge upon the earth!"
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