Psalms 68

For the leader of the music. A psalm of David.

Let God arise, and his enemies are scattered, And they who hate him flee before him! As smoke is dispersed, so thou dispersest them; As wax melteth before the fire, So perish the wicked before the face of God. But the righteous are glad and rejoice in his presence, Yea, they exult exceedingly. Sing unto God; sing praises to his name! Prepare a way for him who rideth through the desert! Jehovah is his name; be joyful in his presence! The father of the fatherless, and the protector of the widow, Is God in his holy habitation. God causeth the forsaken to dwell in houses; He leadeth forth to prosperity them that are bound; But the rebellious shall dwell in a barren land. O God! when thou didst go before thy people, When thou didst march through the wilderness. [Pause.] The earth quaked, and the heavens dropped at the presence of God; This Sinai trembled at the presence of God, the God of Israel. Thou, O God! didst send a plentiful rain; Thou didst strengthen thy wearied inheritance. 10 Thy people established themselves in the land; Thou, O God! in thy goodness, didst prepare it for the needy! 11 The Lord gave the song of victory Of the maidens publishing glad tidings to the mighty host. 12 "The kings with their armies have fled, —have fled! And the matron at home divideth the spoil. 13 Truly ye may repose yourselves in the stalls, Like the wings of a dove covered with silver, And her feathers with shining gold." 14 When the Most High destroyed the kings in the land, It was white [with their bones] like Salmon. 15 Ye lofty hills, ye hills of Bashan, Ye many-topped hills, ye hills of Bashan, 16 Why frown ye, ye many-topped hills, At the hill in which God is pleased to dwell, In which Jehovah will dwell for ever? 17 The chariots of God are myriads, yea, thousands of thousands; The Lord is in the midst of them, as upon Sinai, in the sanctuary. 18 Thou hast ascended on high, Thou hast led captive the vanquished, Thou hast received gifts among men, Even the rebellious, that here thou mightst dwell, O LORD God! 19 Praised be the Lord daily! When we are heavy-laden, the Mighty One is our help. 20 Our God is a God of salvation; From the Lord Jehovah cometh deliverance from death. 21 But God smiteth the head of his enemies, Even the hairy crowns of those who go on in their iniquity. 22 "I will bring them back," saith the Lord, "from Bashan; I will bring them back from the deep sea; 23 That thy foot may be dipped in their blood, That thy dogs may drink the blood of thine enemies." 24 We have seen thy procession, O God! The procession of my God, my king, to his sanctuary! 25 The singers go before, the minstrels follow, Amidst damsels playing on timbrels. 26 Praise ye God in your assemblies; Praise the Lord, all ye from the fountain of Israel! 27 Here is Benjamin, the youngest, and his leaders; The chiefs of Judah, and their band; The chiefs of Zebulon, and the chiefs of Naphtali. 28 Thy God has ordained thy strength, [O Israel!] Show forth thy might, O God! thou who hast wrought for us! 29 Because of thy temple in Jerusalem Shall kings bring presents to thee. 30 Rebuke the wild beast of the reeds, The multitude of bulls with the calves of the nations, So that they shall cast themselves down with masses of silver; Scatter thou the nations that delight in war! 31 Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall haste with outstretched hands to God. 32 Ye kingdoms of the earth, sing unto God; Sing praises to Jehovah; 33 To him who rideth upon the ancient heaven of heavens! Behold, he uttereth his voice, his mighty voice! 34 Give glory to God, Whose majesty is in Israel, and whose might is in the clouds! 35 Terrible art thou, O God! from thy sanctuary! The God of Israel giveth strength and power to his people. Praised be God!
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