Psalms 99

The LORD reigneth, let the nations tremble! He sitteth between the cherubs, let the earth quake! Great is the LORD upon Zion; He is exalted over all the nations. Let men praise thy great and terrible name! It is holy. Let them declare the glory of the King who loveth justice! Thou hast established equity; Thou dost execute justice in Jacob! Exalt ye Jehovah, our God, And bow yourselves down at his footstool! He is holy. Moses and Aaron, with his priests, And Samuel, who called upon his name,—They called upon the LORD, and he answered them. He spake to them in the cloudy pillar; They kept his commandments, And the ordinances which he gave them. Thou, O LORD, our God! didst answer them; Thou wast to them a forgiving God, Though thou didst punish their transgressions! Exalt the LORD, our God. And worship at his holy mountain! For the LORD, our God, is holy.
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