Psalms 101

Psalm 101

Of David, a psalm.

If kindness and justice I sing,
making melody to you,  Lord.
I would look to the way that is blameless,
and make it my own.

Within my own house I would walk
with an innocent heart.
I would never direct my eyes
to a thing that is base.

The impulse to stray I abhor
it shall not cling to me.
Far from me be perverseness of heart,
or kinship with evil.

Whoso slanders their neighbour in secret,
I bring them to silence:
haughty looks and proud hearts
I will not abide.

I will favour the true in the land,
they shall live in my court.
Those who walk in a way that is blameless
shall be my attendant.

No one shall live in my house
who practises guile.
No one that speaks a lie
shall abide in my presence.

Morn by morn I will wholly wipe out
all the bad in the land,
and cut off from the  Lord’s own city
all workers of evil.
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