2 John 1

SUMMARY OF II JOHN: The Address to an Elect Woman and Her Family. The Commandment of Love. Antichrists. Godspeed Not to Be Given to These Opposers. Greetings.

The elder. John, unlike Peter and Paul, nowhere in his writings speaks of himself as an apostle. Peter also speaks of himself as an elder. John probably uses the term here, not officially, but in reference to his great age, as the only survivor of the apostles, and perhaps then the only personal disciple of the Lord living.

Unto the elect lady. The term is "Kyria" in the Greek, a term which we know to have been a female proper name. Hence many of the best commentators from the time of Athanasius have held that this is the name of the sister. If not a proper name "Kyria" would be the feminine form of "Kurios" (Lord), the term applied to Christ, a worldly title unaccountable in the church, which does not recognize artificial distinctions of rank. To avoid this difficulty some have held that by "Kyria" the church is meant. It is better to regard the term a proper name.

Whom I love. That is, the mother and her children.
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