Jude 1

Servant ( δουλος ). Precisely as James (Jas 1:1), only James added  κυριου (Lord).

Brother of James ( αδελφος Ιακωβου ). Thus Jude identifies himself. But not the "Judas of James" (Lu 6:16; Ac 1:13).

To them that are called ( τοισ--κλητοις ). But this translation (treating  κλητοις as a substantive like Ro 1:6; 1Co 1:24) is by no means certain as two participles come in between  τοις and  κλητοις.  Κλητοις may be in the predicate position (being called), not attributive. But see 1Pe 1:1.

Beloved in God the Father ( εν θεω πατρ ηγαπημενοις ). Perfect passive participle of  αγαπαω, but no precise parallel to this use of  εν with  αγαπαω.

Kept for Jesus Christ ( Ιησου Χριστω τετηρημενοις ). Perfect passive participle again with dative, unless it is the instrumental, "kept by Jesus Christ," a quite possible interpretation.

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