1 Timothy 4

Howbeit, the Spirit, expressly saith—that, in later seasons, some will revolt from the faith, giving heed unto seducing spirits, and unto teachings of demons— in hypocrisy, speaking falsehood, [of demons] cauterised in their own conscience,— Forbidding to marry, [commanding] to abstain from foods which, God, created to be received with thanksgiving by them who believe and personally know the truth; Because, every creature of God, is good, and nothing to be cast away, if, with thanksgiving, it be received,— For it is hallowed by the word of God and intercession,

These things, submitting to the brethren, thou shall be, a noble, minister of Christ Jesus, nourishing thyself with the words of the faith, and of the noble teaching which thou hast closely studied. But, from the profane and old-wives’ stories, excuse thyself, and be training thyself unto godliness; For, the bodily training, for little, is profitable, whereas, godliness, for all things is profitable,—having, promise, of life—the present and the coming. Faithful, the saying! and, of all acceptance, worthy; 10 For, to this end, are we toiling and contending, because we have set our hope on a Living God, Who is Saviour of all men—specially, of such as believe. 11 Be giving these things in charge, and be teaching:— 12 Let, no one, despise, thy youth, but, an ensample, become thou of the faithful,—in discourse, in behaviour, in love, in faith, in chastity. 13 While I am coming, be giving heed—to the reading, to the exhorting, to the teaching: 14 Be not careless of the gift of favour, that is in thee, which was given thee through means of prophesying, along with a laying on of the hands of the eldership. 15 These things, be thy care, in these things, be thou, that, thine advancement, may be, manifest, unto all: 16 Be giving heed to thyself, and to thy teaching,—abide still in them; for, this doing, both, thyself, shalt thou save, and them that hearken to thee.

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