Isaiah 15

The oracle on Moab: Because, in a night, was laid waste Ar of Moab—destroyed! Because, in a night, was laid waste Kir of Moab—destroyed, He hath gone up to Bayith and Dibon, to the high places, to weep,—On Nebo and on Medeba, Moab is howling, On all their heads, a baldness, Every beard, clipped. In their streets, have they girded them with sackcloth,—On their housetops, and in their broadways, every one is howling—melting in tears; And Heshbon, hath made outcry, and Elealeh, Unto Jahaz, hath been heard their voice,—For this cause, do the armed men of Moab roar, Every man’s soul, quivereth to him. Mine own heart, for Moab continueth to make outcry, Her fugitive, as far as Zoar, is like a heifer of three years; For the accent of Luhith, with weeping, they ascend, For by the way of Horonaim—an outcry of destruction, they excite;

For, the waters of Nimrim, shall become desolation,—For grass, hath dried up, Herbage hath failed, Green thing, hath not sprung up! For this cause, the savings they had made and that which they had stored, Over the torrent-bed of the willows, shall they bear them. For the outcry hath gone round the boundary of Moab,—As far as Eglaim, the howling thereof, And to Beer-elim, the howling thereof. For the waters of Dimon, are full of blood, For I will lay upon Dimon new troubles,—To the escaped of Moab, the lions, Even to the survivors on the soil.

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