James 4

Whence wars and whence fightings among you? are they not from hence—due to your pleasures which are taking the field in your members? Ye covet—and have not, ye commit murder, and are jealous—and cannot obtain,—ye fight and war. Ye have not—because ye do not really ask, Ye ask and receive not, because that, basely, ye ask, in order that, in your pleasures, ye may spend [it] . Adulteresses! Know ye not that, the friendship of the world, is, enmity to God? Whosoever, therefore, is minded to be, a friend, of the world, an enemy of God, doth constitute himself. Or think ye that, in vain, the scripture speaketh? Is it, for envying, that the spirit which hath taken an abode within us doth crave? Howbeit he giveth, greater, favour. Wherefore it saith—God, against the haughty, arrayeth himself, Whereas, unto the lowly, he giveth favour. Range yourselves, therefore, under God, but withstand the adversary, and he will flee from you: Draw near unto God, and he will draw near unto you. Cleanse hands, sinners! Chasten hearts, double souls! Be miserable and lament and weep, let, your laughter, into lamentation, be turned, and, your joy, into dejection; 10 Be made low in presence of the Lord, and he will lift you up.

11 Be not speaking one against another, brethren! He that speaketh against a brother, or judgeth his brother, speaketh against law, and judgeth law; Now, if, upon law, thou art passing judgment, thou art not a doer of law, but a judge! 12 One, is Lawgiver and Judge—He who hath power to save and to destroy; but who art, thou, that judgest thy neighbour? 13 Come now! ye that say—Today or To-morrow, we will journey unto this city here, and will spend there a year, and will trade and get gain,— 14 Men who are not versed in the morrow—of what sort your life [will be] ; for ye are, a vapour—for a little, appearing, then, just disappearing! 15 Instead of your saying—If, the Lord, be pleased, we shall both, live and do this or that; 16 Whereas, now, are ye boasting in your pretensions:—All boasting like this, is, wicked, 17 To him, therefore, who knoweth how to be doing, a right thing, and is not doing it, it is, sin, unto him.

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