Leviticus 2

But, when any person would bring near as an oblation, a meal-offering, unto Yahweh, of fine meal, shall be his oblation,—and he shall pour out thereon oil, and place thereon, frankincense; so shall he bring it in unto the sons of Aaron, the priests, and he shall grasp therefrom a handful of the fine meal thereof and of the oil thereof, besides all the frankincense thereof,—and the priest shall make a perfume with the memorial thereof at the altar, an altar-flame of a satisfying odour unto Yahweh. But, the remainder of the meal-offering, pertaineth unto Aaron and unto his sons,—most holy, from among the altar-flames of Yahweh. Moreover, when thou wouldst bring near as an oblation of a meal-offering, something baked in an oven, round unleavened cakes of fine meal, overflowed with oil, [shall it be], or unleavened wafers anointed with oil. But, if, a meal-offering, on a girdle, be thine oblation, of fine meal, overflowed with oil unleavened, shall it be; parting it into pieces, then shalt thou pour thereon oil,—a meal-offering, it is, But, if a meal-offering of the boiler, be thine oblation, of fine meal with oil, shall it be made. Then shalt thou bring in the meal-offering that is made of these, unto Yahweh,—and one shall bring it near unto the priest, and he shall take it near unto the altar. Then shall the priest uplift out of the meal-offering, a memorial thereof, and make a perfume at the altar,—an altar-flame of a satisfying odour unto Yahweh. 10 But the remainder of the meal-offering pertaineth to Aaron and to his sons,—most holy from among the altar-flames of Yahweh.

11 None of the meal-offerings which ye bring near unto Yahweh shall be made into anything leavened,—for, of no leaven and Of no syrup, may ye make a perfume, as an altar-flame unto Yahweh. 12 As for an oblation of first-fruits, ye shall bring them near unto Yahweh,—but unto the altar, they shall not take them up, as a satisfying odour. 13 And, every meal-offering oblation of thine, with salt, shalt thou season, and thou shelf not suffer to be lacking the salt of the covenant of thy God, from upon thy meal-offering,—upon every oblation of thine, shalt thou offer salt. 14 But, if thou wouldst bring near a meal-offering of first-ripe corn, unto Yahweh, of green ears roasted in fire crushed grain of garden-land, shalt thou bring near thy meal-offering of first-ripe corn. 15 And thou shalt place thereon, oil and shalt put thereon, frankincense,—a meal-offering, it is. 16 Then shall the priest make a perfume, with the memorial thereof,—from the crushed grain thereof and from the oil thereof, besides all the frankincense thereof,—an altar-flame, unto Yahweh.

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