Psalms 108

A Song, a Melody: David’s.

Fixed, is my heart, O God, I will sing and touch the strings, even mine honour. Awake, O harp and lyre, I will awaken the dawn! I will thank thee among the peoples, O Yahweh, and will sing praise unto thee, among the tribes of men. For, great, above the heavens, is thy lovingkindness, and, as far as the skies, thy faithfulness. Be thou exalted above the heavens, O God, And, above all the earth, be thy glory.

To the end thy beloved ones may be delivered, Oh save thou with thy right hand and answer me! God, hath spoken in his holiness, I will exult! I will apportion Shechem! And, the Vale of Succoth, will I measure out; Mine, is Gilead—mine, Manasseh, but, Ephraim, is the defence of my head, Judah, is my commander’s staff; Moab, is my wash-bowl, Upon Edom, will I throw my shoe, Over Philistia, raise a shout of triumph. 10 Who will conduct me to a fortified city? Who will lead me as far as Edom? 11 Hast not thou, O God, rejected us? and wilt not go forth, O God, with our hosts. 12 Grant us help out of distress, for, vain, is the deliverance of man: 13 In God, shall we do valiantly, He himself, therefore, shall tread down our adversaries.

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